Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 2 - Alice Nine

One more day, one more cool song to share with you guys!
This time, I bring you Alice Nine with one of their most recent songs entitled Senkou.

Alice Nine is a Visual-Kei band formed in 2004, Japan.
They have a lighter, and somehow more extravagant look compared to "PanicChannel", and they might be a bit softer than "your-usual-bands" but I love their style, both musically and visually. ^^

The members are Shou, Hiroto, Tora, Saga & Nao (Vocals/Guitar/Guitar/Bass/Drums).

I know this might not interest you, but Shou is one of my fav vocalists and a big influence for me :3 (He is also a great person!)

Alright, enjoy!
(Pay close attention to 3:20 onwards...LISTEN TO THAT LAST NOTE HE HOLDS @.@ now that's what I call a shiver!)


  1. Can't understand the it's pretty strange. hahah It's like heavy metal meets hair metal, with some final fantasy tossed in. :P

  2. It sounds like I'm watching an anime

  3. Quite a good song to be honest.

  4. it was a good song. was sorta unexpected

  5. I can understand why he is one of your favorite vocalists !

  6. So I guess you like Visual-Kei!

  7. <3 Just fabulous... <3 And they're so cute :P ^^
    Love the music, his voice...their style *~*