Saturday, June 25, 2011

Band - Big Bang

I won't talk too much cause there's really not much to say, just enjoy it!

Big Bang are a South-Korean band formed in 2006.

This song is titled "Tonight"

If you've been following my blog, you'll probably remember GD & TOP, they're in this group so see if you can notice them ^^


  1. In the beginning of the clip, around 0:06, I thought I saw a dog. Looked better, saw it was the guy's hood xD

  2. Didn't one of them get in some kind of accident?

  3. @Fang xD lol yeah

    @movie68 yup, one of them got in a car accident, he hit someone..but i dunno the details :|

  4. Sweet stuff man.
    How do I follow you though? :p

  5. bang, my speakers blow up, lol jk

  6. THESE GUYS lol. I mean its good culture and I miss it. I'm gonna check out the newest post next. I like these guys. Not my style of music but I am so happy to see this culture