Saturday, June 11, 2011

Band - G-Dragon

G-Dragon, the famous South-Korean rapper/singer/dancer and leader of the band BigBang...

He's pretty famous and was voted for "The most wanted boyfriend in South-Korea" lol.

Okay, but talking about the music now, it's the usual rap/pop thing and even though I usually dislike that style, I like the way he does it. o.o"

This song is called "A Boy" and it's from his solo album "Heartbreaker" that was released in 2009.

I decided to post the Live version reason actually xD I just like it.
Yes, I know he adds alot of back-vocals but I still like it and no, IT IS NOT PLAYBACK. lol



  1. Most wanted boyfriend? That punk? Pshhht

    Still, awesome glove thingies the audience is wearing!

  2. nice thanks for sharing, some interesting hair =P

  3. Interesting, the girls in South Korea must have some pretty low standards though.

  4. His hair makes me angry for some reason =P

  5. looks like the hip hop scene in Korea is still pretty strong. Cool!

  6. i love this game, ive played it so much.
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